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Getting Through A Drought

Every life is going to experience a barren patch from time to time.  Those places where our inspiration and ability to keep growing comes to a halt.  A drought can come unexpectedly, one day you're fresh and green, and a week later your life is full of burnt grass and deep cracks.  This spiritual path I walk aways has me looking for the meaning in everything, and what I know for sure is everything that comes our way comes bearing a gift in it's hands.  So, in having to endure over the last few weeks a heat wave that had many days of triple digit temperatures, and watching my normally lovely oasis of a back yard turn into a dried up patch of earth, I had to pose the question to does this apply to me?  How does this apply to life in general?  The first thoughts I had were: nothing is dependable, nothing stays the same, and you really can't control anything.  This drought we just went through sucked the very life out of everything.  I had carefully and lovingly …