To Be Humble

Let me begin by saying it doesn't mean to be self-depreciating, or to play small. It doesn't mean that you don't stand and SHINE in your gloriousness, in your talent, in your beauty. It simply means to take nothing for granted while you're doing it. Nothing is a given, this we know. Everything is in flux, the tide comes in and the tide goes out....daily. But who are we not to shine while we're here? Who are we to not grab the brass ring and scream with delight at the top of our lungs? My mother thought she was teaching me to be humble when she told me to stop being "precocious", to "settle down", to "be a lady", to "keep your voice down", "don't make too much about your looks", etc. I have come to believe that last comment was her way of shielding me, because the ravages of puberty paid me a visit for a long time back in the seventies! I think she was trying to tell me to see my inner beauty, and that was okay, that was well-meant and valuable to learn, but what I ended up learning amidst all of her other well-meaning directives was the unspoken impression that I should not become too enamoured with myself, which to a timid and gullible teenager that translated into being shy, timid, and awkward. That's not humbleness, and I thankfully learned that later on.

I love truly humble people. They have an aura about them that just pulls you in. They are magnificent and full of life. Their humbleness allows them to appreciate their talent, their abundance, and the love that is showered on them. They are humbled by the fact that their God-given greatness can't help but be expressed, they feel their lives are simply the vehicle in which to manifest that greatness. Whatever your belief system may be, I believe there is a power greater then our human view of life that wants us to co-create with that greatness, that goodness, that richness that is our birthright. Claim this, my friend....I believe with all my heart that it's arrogant not to! I personally will not downplay the fact that we are born to be a blessing to others. We are born to be in community with one another, and if we can grasp that brass ring, it will show others they too can whoop it up on life's merry-go-round! Good times can be had by all. Show someone that today, will you? Thank you....

Every night when I lay down and close my eyes, even after a less then stellar day, I feel the quiet strength of humbleness. And let me tell you, and I'll bet you already know this, but when we have been too full of ourselves, when we been a little to self-important in a negative way, there is always a loving nudge (sometimes a big shove if need be) that will reign us in, that makes you, maybe I need to reassess my actions and try something different. Listening to that wisdom is humble, and thanking the powers that be when we have a fabulous day manifesting the full expression of our talents and charm is humbleness too. I am humbled by and in awe of the fact that I can be a conduit for grace, for purpose, for poise under pressure, and for lovingkindness.....and if rocking a great pair of red high-heeled shoes allows me to stand a little taller, to be more present, then those shoes are a gift and their little lesson is not lost on me. You see, it all works, it's all here for our good, it's all here to be used and to have gratitude for, and at days end if we can say "Thank You" for our abilities, our strengths, our zeal for life, then we have grasped what it means to be humble.... and that's enough. And no, you don't need a pair of red shoes to stand out and shine. (But they certainly don't hurt either)....

Since coming into my own life, since my reawakening from the last fifteen years, I have truly felt what it means to be quietly aware of just how much I am cared for, and how much I am capable of giving to others. "Humbleness" and "Awe" go together in my book, and I feel them everyday. Every single day. Let's not mistake being humble for being anything less then our magnificent selves. I know this life comes with no guarantees, it can all change is a flash, but even that knowledge is humbling, so while we're here, now, let's embrace just how wonderful we are! So repeat after me: "I humbly accept the fact that I am here to live a life full of abundance, strength, courage, and FUN. I am keenly aware that I do nothing on my own, but simply co-create with that which animates me, moves through me, and supports me in all my endeavors....I am in awe of this, humbled by it, and grateful for all of it"! Now that's humility, and it's a virtue that opens the way for more good to enter your life then you ever thought imaginable. You will bless others just by being you. And in my humble opinion, it's why we're here on this earth.

Until next time....blessings upon your heart



  1. I often work with my clients by encouraging them to be humble. When they first come here for treatment it is, me, me...and hopefully when they complete, I have instilled something in them that will stay with them always.

  2. Every day is a gift. Self confidence in who we are is the beginning point in being able to help others. I believe we are meant to watch over each other.

    Great post! Thank you!

  3. Thank you both, you lovely ladies, you!

  4. LOVE this post, Cindy! Every. Single. Word! Thank you so much for posting, and for being such a lovely woman. I'm so glad we met!


  5. Thank you my darling Melissa! I'm glad we met too! :)


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