The more I listen, the more I "hear". Truth speaks in a whisper, our innate wisdom gently points the way, and the part of ourselves that "knows", speaks softly. With all the noise in our daily lives no wonder we can feel overwhelmed, lost, isolated. I have actually shouted, "Tell me what to do"!!! Nothing. No response. Discouraging, to say the least.

But I have discovered something I want to share. You may have already found this out for yourself, but here it is: The inner urgings are always there to point us to our bliss, our purpose, our reason for being here. The inexplicable feelings I get, the out-of-the-blue ideas, or sometimes just a crazy little notion, IS the still small voice speaking to us! The noise of our lives tends to block out that inner voice, so I believe that our higher self is smarter then we are, it points the way by sending us these urgings. Have you ever had a thought that instantly makes you think, "Oh, that won't work"? Have you ever been led to go down a certain street, or speak to a stranger, or do something out of the ordinary? Do you do it? Or do you discount it? I'm guilty. I tend to think I am so smart that I can filter these things out of my mind. **I have a schedule to attend to, I am busy, I am an intelligent woman that doesn't have time for this non-sense** Ha! I kid myself....and it's humbling! This is Truth leading you! Make no mistake dear friends, our higher self will try to get our attention in the most creative of ways. Pay attention to the things that seem odd, therein lies the key to new opportunities.

We've all heard the stories where someone was led to suddenly change course, go a different way, hesitate or linger, or speak up in a situation, (all out of the norm things), just to find out that many times it caused them to avoid a dangerous situation, or it opened doors to a new relationship, etc. There are too many of these stories to not believe that our inner knowing has a better grasp on our lives then we do. I rest in that. I'm grateful I am not alone in my daily decisions and actions. Each morning I visualize taking the hand of my invisible companion, and I ask for guidance, then I don't shoot down anything that comes into my mind to do during the day.....within reason, I mean it's not like I'm going to eat a whole half-gallon of ice cream just because I thought of it! Not again I won't. But, if you are led to try something you've never done before, if you get the feeling that you need to act on some specific idea....by all means do it! The most pleasant of things can come of it, and you can find your bliss in the process. I know whereof I speak. Couldn't write it if I hadn't lived it!

Here's hoping that crazy little idea you get today will prove to be an epiphany for you!

Until next time....blessings upon your heart



  1. What I don't understand is why the higher self whispers and the lower one shouts. Believe me, I know what you are talking about. -- Lindsay

  2. When someone whispers we just naturally lean into them to hear what they're saying. Maybe it's the same with our guides. It's about paying attention, being attuned, quieting our minds....leaning into Truth. Cindy

  3. Maybe that it is: they WANT us to be quiet and stop bustling around. So they whisper. Lindsay


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