With A Grateful Heart

Another year is coming to a close and with it comes a time of reflection for many. The stark barren trees and landscape can lend itself to moments of sadness, a bereft feeling, as if something is dying inside. This can also yield great moments of enlightenment as well. As the year ends is there anything you can actually let die within you? Perhaps regret, the loss of a former way of life, or despair? As the leaves fall I am always struck how the trees don't try to hold onto them. They simply, gently, let go and fall to the ground, and that's that. Within the stark contrast of a once vibrant tree now lies a secret life within. The tree is sleeping for a while, rejuvenating itself, doing it's inner work so it may once again burst forth with new life. The lessons here are not lost on me. Dying to the old so you may once again break forth with freshness and vitality is a beautiful process to behold. Do not fear letting go of that which no longer serves you. For the faint of heart, standing open and vulnerable and naked can be a daunting thought. But we are not the faint of heart. We are strong and we seek the lessons in this life. You have what it takes to be vulnerable, to be stripped of things, places, people, if necessary....and if they do not serve your highest good. Only you know what's holding you back, or who is holding you back. Maybe you are in your own way. That happens a lot. I know, believe me, I know.

I like to think of the late Fall as an internal gathering time. A time to wrap around yourself all the things that truly comfort you. When you take good self-care many things come to the surface that are no longer needed. Many thoughts about the past tend to surface, memories of childhood, holidays spent a certain way, voices and echoes from somewhere deep in that landscape that is our soul. I love to have an evening to myself to reflect, to nurture, to allow all that needs to be thought of, and considered, the cordial invitation to make their appearance. A grateful heart comes into play here. To feel gratitude for every experience that has come our way over the last year is to signal the Universe that you are ready for more abundance in your life. Even the difficult times are a reason to be thankful, because when seen through the lens of 20/20 hindsight many times we see the difficulty got us to where we are now. It somehow moved you to a new place, a different viewpoint, or if you are still reeling from a troublesome event, maybe you can decide to let it go, here, now, and in the safety and nurture of your own home. Start by creating a haven for yourself, a corner, a comfortable chair, a place where you can relax. Sip something warm and delicious, put on something soft and loose. Even in the most modest of homes this can be done. And you're worth it. Maybe within your own sacred space you can find the courage to let it go. Nothing new can come to a closed heart and mind, and a tight closed grasp on something just hurts your hand.....and nothing new can replace it. To say "thank you" is a powerful thing, yet I wouldn't expect someone to utter those words when something horrible has happened, but I would urge them to reframe the event, view it from a perspective that says, "I am willing to find the blessing, I am willing to not let this define me", and "I am willing and ready to lay down the burden of holding onto the pain". Let it die within you. You have new work to begin.

It is with a grateful heart that I can look back over the course of the year and say a sincere "Thank You". It hasn't been easy at times, I have cried with anguish over the things I couldn't control, things that I felt were holding me back, things that didn't turn out as "planned". I have felt the fear a new life can bring....but I felt it anyway, and I kept moving forward.....and I said "thank you" for every unhindered step I took. The more you express gratitude, the more it becomes second nature.

So it is with a grateful heart that I say "Thank you" for every experience, person, place, or thing that crossed my path this last year. I see clearly within myself the places where I still need to let go, the things that I still need to let die within me. If truth be told, the late Fall in all it's stark glory is my most favorite time of year. I adore the Spring and Summer, I adore the colors of October....but the late Fall brings me the most growth as a human being, as a mother, a life partner, a friend....and as a woman.

I am deeply grateful for all of you that have found your way to this blog, for the wonderful comments and encouragement I have received both here, and in person. A deep gassho, a humble Namaste and a sincere "thank you" from my lips to your hearts.

In gratitude.....and until next time



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