Staying Fluid

I am always thankful beyond words for the little blessings that spring up in my day: The fleeting glimpse and/or feeling that everything is going to work out....whatever the current situation may warrant. Something someone says that is just what I needed to hear. (How did they know?) Or the way the sun falls dappled across the bedroom floor through the lace curtains, dazzling my eyes and welling them up with tears for reasons I cannot comprehend. The cardinal that perches outside the window for just a moment, sparking my life with a flash of vibrant red on a stark winter's day. The sudden warm embrace from someone close to me. You know what I'm talking about, we all experience our own little moments of grace. What struck me today was a passing comment from a lovely lady, a yoga teacher no less, so how perfect when she said we need to stay fluid. I wasn't even in her yoga class this morning, I was simply talking with her about the possibilities available for me to come work at her massage and yoga center. But it was such a beautiful comment from such a beautiful lady, and spoken in a way that went straight to my heart. We need to stay fluid. To me it sounded like a river, and that's the vision that came to me. The force of water is awesome to behold...just think waves, waterfalls, thunderous storms, floods. But I also think of serene mountain lakes, gentle streams, the water in the birdbath in the back yard, reflecting the humming bird hovering above it. Many years ago I remember sitting at a river's edge in my beloved Rocky Mountains, and being struck at how strong and fluid the current was. It flowed along and when it came to a boulder it simply went over it or gracefully around it. That's all. It didn't stop, it didn't divert it's attention, it merely flowed effortlessly over and around whatever was blocking it's way. This was the message I needed today. Stay fluid. Flow. Don't stress. Adapt. Keep moving. Rigidity will get you nowhere, toots.

These are the lessons that are hitting me square in the face this first week of the new year. The Universe drops clues in my path all the time. Sometimes I trip over them and then hurry on my way. But sometimes I receive the gift with grace and gratitude, and often when I feel most desperate there will be that one thing, that one word, or phrase uttered, or something in nature that will strike me, and there it is....the gift of grace. And the tears come involuntarily.

Stay fluid. It's such a lovely vision though, isn't it? I see a supple, languid, lovely woman, serene in her countenance, going through her life lightly. Gliding around rocks and sinkholes, laughing as she leaps effortlessly over a downed tree or simply floating above the chaos to calmer ground. When I hold the vision long enough, she begins to look like me, and I find my breath has become soft and full and easy. I relax. Try seeing yourself this way. When you get good at it, your own face will become apparent to you as the one who is serene in the midst of whatever is going on around you. Your brow will let go and your face will soften. Try it.

All of my preconceived notions have taken a beating recently. All of them. And most of my ideas and expectations have been good and reasonable, meant to simply bless myself and those whom I love and serve. But as soon as I get entrenched in how things should go.....WAM! For someone who likes to see down the road to feel safe and secure, I'm having to learn to expect the best, but allow for whatever may come up and toy with my plans...and to not freak out when things go awry. Flow with it.

Be the river on her quest to flow down through the canyon and out to the sea. Where I'm going, I have no idea. Where I belong, I have no idea. Where I will be in as little as six months, I have no idea. But if I remain fluid, if I ease my way around all the obstacles that are cropping before up, and if I remember to allow for change, to allow for human frailties, to simply let go of my need for a certain outcome, then, and only then, does my life shine with grace. But let me say, even when we don't allow for the ebb and flow, life still waits silently for us. She waits with Her soft eyes, simply loving us and our misgivings and hesitations, still bestowing grace upon us, whether we know it or not. She allows us to find our way back. So either way, babe, you're blessed, and grace sits upon your brow. There is no judgment here.

Being fluid does not mean weakness or indecisiveness. It doesn't mean you have no backbone. It means you have quiet strength and are a force to be reckoned with. It means you have the power to flow with purpose and intent. But when life's big and little wrenches get thrown into your path, you have a more expectant outlook. A perspective that says, "Let's see where this leads"! The rigidity that may currently exist will melt away and be replaced with acceptance and trust that maybe, just maybe, there is a greater force at work in your life that knows better then you do where you need to go. Every single thing that happens to us can be for our greater good, our growth and prosperity. Flow like a river with the strength that has the power to glide over whatever is standing in our path.

Until next time....blessings upon your heart.



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