I have figured out that one of my big life lessons is change.Things change, people change, places change, lives change, perceptions change. Nothing lasts forever in this material plane of existence, but what does last is your "inner knowing". These are the things that are unshakable, and they are different for each one of us. These are mine: my deep abiding love of "home", the love of my daughters, my absolute belief that I am loved and cared for by a power far above this human plane, and I'm strong, compassionate, loving...I am enough, just as I am.  There is an unshakable core in everyone that knows how to deal beautifully with life. When nurtured, this centeredness will allow you to be calm, flexible, buoyant, and expectant of a good outcome, no matter what. It allows you to be at peace when everything around you is running amok. I realized one day after being down on my knees one too many times, begging that I get through this or that crises, that I just needed to stay on my knees, I needed to stay in a state of surrender. Surrender is not weakness. Surrender is wisdom and strength.

 Living in a state of surrender will ultimately allow you to live in a state of peace. Giving up the need to control, or to see down the road at what lies ahead, frees up so much energy within us. Once you become adept at letting go and trusting that whatever is happening right now, if you choose to use it as a catalyst, will lead you to a better place. Once you know this, the fear abates. This is not an easy process at first, my friends. I know all too well how hard it is to give up a stranglehold on life, especially when it doesn't go our way!  But time after time when my best attempts at outsmarting a Universe that knows better then I do what needs to occur in my life, I found myself becoming more and more frustrated. What I wanted was to become calmer, able to move through the events going on with a certain poise and clarity, and the assurance that, "I can handle this"!

 I've heard it said, when you are thrown into a transition, when your world is being disturbed, it's time for you to move to the next level. It's time for you to bust open some formerly closed avenues. It's a natural cycle to get through something, have a time of peace, and then to be moved forward once again. I feared the times when I had to move again. I thought, "Can't I just have a peaceful, uneventful life for more then a minute"?  Have you ever felt that way?

 Well, if you never go out into the woods, if you never get lost or fall down, nothing will ever happen to you and your life will never begin.

 Don't be a boring human being, instead, grow into your magnificence. Ask for the Grace to move through the transitionary periods of your life. Simply ask that you except the day for what it is, find something good in it, then move through it. Day-by-day, moment-by-moment, if necessary. It takes some practice, it's takes some guts, but you are not alone...never have been, never will be. Avail yourself of the unseen, the teeming Universe that stands ready to support you. Ask for the light to be turned on in your life so you can see where you're going.  Then get going.  Essentially, the authentic power that is you will come to the forefront and lead you out and onward. Never fails.

 Until next time...blessings upon your heart



  1. This morning, I just have to drop in here and say 'HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY'! Hope it is absolutely grand and magical!

  2. What a lovely surprise to read your sweet wishes here today! Thank you my dear, Cate! Thank you...


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