Hibernation, Meditation, and Inspiration

Hello!  It's been awhile, and I apologize for neglecting my blog.  Life gets to running at full throttle sometimes, and the things we wish to pay more attention to go by the wayside.  *Le sigh*  But here I am again, so let's start anew...

How is this New Year going for you, so far?  We are in the midst of some very cold and snowy weather here in Kentucky, like most of the country is dealing with.  Unusual for us, though, and for many a very unwelcome event in their lives.  I admit I am a Winter person, in fact, I love the way it allows me to slow down and notice life around me.  I become more conscious of my surroundings, my movements, my thoughts.  I've written before of the barren landscape, and the metaphor this represents for me.  I crave the times I can go within and listen, dream, contemplate, and recharge,  How about you?  Do you rebel against the things you cannot control?  And weather is one of those things, for sure!  Or do you accept and adapt?  I've made peace with extremes in weather, I actually look forward to the times when  something bigger than myself forces me to stand back and regroup.  Winter comforts, for me, are the best!  I hope when the cold and snow forces you to slow down, you take the chance to create some homemade bliss.  What are you favorite ways to spend a Winter's day?  I'd love to hear what you do to comfort yourself and your loved ones.

I will keep this blog post short this time, but I have some new directions I'd like to go in the coming months.  Bear with me, and we will take on some different issues.  My hope is that I can offer some different perspectives, some challenging thoughts, and maybe some humor, camaraderie, and a friendly voice as we find our way together.

I've missed you all.

Onward, shall we?

Until next time....Blessings upon your heart



  1. One of my favorite ways to find comfort on a cold winter's day isn't all that original! A pot of soup, something freshly baked (bread or cookies), and a cup of something warm to drink. At the lake this past weekend I made some hot chocolate like Grandma used to make when a niece and her boyfriend stopped by.

    1. I've been making hot chocolate lately with real shaved chocolate and heavy cream, then topped with marshmallows. Rich and decadent. And we're worth it!


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