Deflecting Negativity

There is no way around it, negativity comes at us every single day.  Sometimes it's hard to recognize until you hear yourself talking, or you are suddenly stunned by your own thought processes....the times you scare yourself silly, the times you start on a downward spiral of self-loathing, or letting a sense of doom come over you.  The media, newspapers, neighbors, work, school, our political climate, you name it, and you know what I'm talking about here, it comes at us almost as soon as we walk out the door, or turn on the television or radio.  Fear is the outcropping of negativity, but when it begins to take over we feel unable to get a hold of it.  In my massage practice I hear every type of problem, both physical, and emotional. I hear the pain, I sense where it's being held in the body, and then I surround my clients in a space that allows for healing.  Getting a hold of negativity before it lodges in our minds and hearts is what I want to talk about today.  And here's the thing...

Everything we say is an affirmation.  Think about that....everything we say is an affirmation.  It gets registered in our psyche, it imprints on our mind, in our hearts, in our life.  What we focus upon expands, affecting us on a cellular level, and it can actually change our very biology, our physiology, as well.  The whole philosophy that says we create our own reality resonates deeply with me.  We all know how we can talk ourselves into being sick, or scared.  We have all seen the times that the very thing we have dreaded is suddenly there in front of us but, and this is the cool part, if you've ever faced it down, you've probably seen that what you feared wasn't as bad as you thought it would be.  Hmm, odd isn't it, the way this all works?  The power and depth of our thoughts govern so much.

Every time we say we "can't", we are affirming this as true.  But every time we take an open attitude of what could be possible, we are signaling the Universe to give us what we desire, what we have focused on.  And if what we have been focusing on is negativity, in any of it's forms, well, let us not be surprised when we get what we've wished for!  As human beings we seem to not be able to get enough of what we don't want!  Every time we utter the words, "it's because I'm getting older", "it's because I'm over fifty", "it's because that's the way it's always been", "it's because of the economy", "it's because I'm fat", "it's because I don't have enough money" etc., etc.,....feel free to insert your own here...these ingrained beliefs become manifested in your experience.   You know what I mean, we have all done it.  But do you catch yourself sometimes when you're doing it?  Can you take a second and adjust that attitude, maybe, just once in a while?  Can we ditch the "downer" talk for a day?  And don't I know how insidious it can be, how benign at first, how subtle.  Standing guard at the door of our thoughts is a worthy thing.  If you take a day to just "catch" yourself every time you hear yourself speak negatively about yourself, or someone else, you will be stunned at how many times it happens.  But if you take a day to just monitor yourself, I would suggest that you do it without judgement.  This is not about getting down on ourselves for our ingrained habits, it's about lovingly taking a look at where some changes can be made.   And it gets easier the more you do it, I promise.  I'm not perfect at it, but I have come to a place where if I hear or think a negative thought I am able to stop it and re-affirm something else in it's place.  It starts to become second nature, and you will find that you become increasingly uncomfortable in the presence of negativity, of your own creating, or anyone else's.  And you can choose differently!

I start my day with positive affirmations.  Don't laugh.  I'm not talking about the trite ones, I'm talking about the very personal customizable ones only you can create for yourself.  Only you know how you've beat yourself up, how you've instilled fear and dread into your daily life.  You can choose differently.  Had enough of thinking the same old thoughts and saying the same old things and watching those things take root in your life?  Begin slowly, begin with love in your heart for your old thinking, and if it didn't get you what you wanted, at least it got you here to where you can take stock and begin anew.

To begin anew...what a lovely, comforting thought!  We can begin anew, right here, this moment.  All is not lost.  Little-by-little we can confront the old patterns, the old negative self-talk, we can retrain our minds and hearts to choose differently.  A lovely thing begins to happen when negativity is replaced with something better...more and more positive things begin showing up in our lives.  What you focus upon, expands.  Simple.

Oh, and by the way....don't settle for less than everything!  Think and dream big.  You can become a new creature.  You can stop negativity dead in it's tracks.  If you catch yourself slipping into old thoughts and speech, just stop and smile, say "thank you for showing me where I can change this around"...then change it around!  I'm with you on this, couldn't write it if I hadn't lived it!  Been there darlings, so don't absorb it, deflect it.  Rewrite your story, a few simple changes can and will reap big rewards.  It's all good.  It's all here to help us learn and transcend, and to be whatever we want to be.

Until next time...blessings upon your heart!



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