Your True Worth

Your value is not what the world tries to make you believe. It's not an IQ, it's not about your status in society, it's not how many friends you have, it's not how much money you can make, it's not how many "likes" you get on Facebook, and it's certainly not your own opinion of yourself when you're feeling down.  Life ebbs and flows, it shape shifts, startles, frustrates, and hurts sometimes. But...

This is what I know...

There isn't a single solitary thing you can't achieve if you want it bad enough. There isn't a pain or tragedy that you can't get through if you will only allow it to help you grow. There isn't a person anywhere in this world that can strip you of your innate grace, peace and worth. There isn't a job, or relationship, or family member, or friend, that can make you feel less than your own radiant self, unless you allow them to.  But here's the thing, just when you think your life is on track, someone will try to knock you off. Count on it. No matter what kind of mantel of peace I wear, some fool will surely try to undo it and rip it off and stomp it in the ground. So, what to do? Cry and moan that the world isn't fair? Ask Goddess why She makes such mean people, and why do they have to inflict their own self-loathing on you? No. Get rid of the notion there is some source or power raining down stress and strain on us when we think we least deserve it. This is not how it works. These things happen to us because it's a way of showing us we need to move up a notch or two. It's time to shed yesterday's beliefs and opinions and the false sense of security we thought we had, and it's time to cultivate a solid inner core of unshakable calm. This is good news! Somehow you outgrew the old system, (yay!) and now you are ready to move up. Always up. There is no going back, friends.  Once you set your foot upon a spiritual path, there is no going back.  It stretches you beyond your comfort zone, and once stretched you can never go back to your original shape.

But, let's stop the pity party.  Let's take stock of the day, the people, the situations, and if need be, cut them know, the naysayers, the so-called "friends" cloaked in hypocrisy, our too settled sense of our place in life.....and embrace the change that is happening.  Change is a good thing.  I used to fear it with a passion, until I learned how to ride with it.  Change is a living, breathing thing. Let's not strangle it.  Change makes it possible to have a new canvas to paint on, a new set of opportunities that can find their way into your life.  It's a fresh breeze that carries newness on it's wings. And when change does happen......let it....but don't cling to it, for it will indeed change again when the time is right. Does this scare you? Does this sound like you can never relax and have things to count on? Does this sound too transient, too iffy, too...impermanent?  Get your core strength in place.  Decide what is important to you in your life, then focus on it. Make it unshakable.  This is where you get your peace.  This is how you know you'll be okay when the tides shift.  Get your foundation in place and let the world change, as it surely will. You'll be fine and solid and beautiful.

Truly, if you want permanence and peace and stability in your life, then embrace change and allow it the freedom to move around, and through you.  Your peace and stability comes from an inner core of calm that can be cultivated and nurtured. For no matter what goes on around you, no matter what, you can stand in a space of self-reliance and self-worth while you let all the impermanent things fall away from you. It's worth it just to see this in action. Let the false things fall away.  And here's another thing, when you're ready to grow many things will seem to go wrong and fall apart.  A process of clarification begins to happen.  What does not serve our highest good begins to fall away. This can be disconcerting, to say the least.  I know, believe me.  Trust the process.

My own sense of worth finds it comforting to know that beyond what we see and feel and deal with on a day-to-day basis is not necessarily the truth of our being. Never was. The truth of our being is that we are loved beyond all reason and knowing, and we are worth more than any amount of worldly achievement. In the face of darkness and adversity, you will meet yourself. Be gentle. In the face of hurt and disappointment, you see the truth. Fear not. Within the voices that try to tear us down, we will meet our own true worth, or see exactly where we need to do a little more work, in order to bring it to the forefront.  Do it with joy. Your worth is there. Let the world in all it's silly ways strip away what is false.  It was never ours to begin with. Underneath it all lies your freedom from being incessantly jerked around.  Within the problem facing you lies an answer and a gift.  In the very hands that we perceive as threatening lies the way to become safe and anchored.  Asking for the truth to be revealed to us, and asking for the wisdom to see beyond the veil that hides our true being, is the beginning of profound and lasting change.  You're worth the effort it takes to unmask the layers that have hidden your radiance.

Your true worth is your birthright. There is a world in need of your love and transformative power. Your love.  Your power.  Your gifts.  Aren't they worth unveiling?  Aren't you worth what it takes to become all you are meant to be?  I believe you are.  If I can find my way, so can you.  If I can overcome, so can you.  If you can believe in yourself, so can you.  And that, dear reader, is the kind of change that will completely transform your life.  Because you're worth it.

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  1. I have no trouble believing in is just the other guys that I worry about.


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