As Blessed As You Want To Be

It's a choice to experience a blessed life, or you can choose to focus on what you don't have and feel miserable about it, thus creating even more of what you don't want! A shift in perception is all it takes to turn your day around. A shift in how you choose to look at things is the difference between manifesting an abundant life, or remaining stuck. When the inside changes, the outside follows. That is how it works. Always has, my friends. This is not "new age" crap.  This is a law of attraction, and it's within your power to harness this truth and use it to full advantage. Here's how it can be done. And, here's a couple examples of how wearing your limiting beliefs like a badge of honor will make sure nothing ever changes.

I feel passionate about some things in this life, and this is one of them: Deflecting negativity.  I couldn't write about anything here unless I had seen for myself the positive and negative results of my own thoughts as I make my way through life. I am a single mother. I work very hard at a job I love. I work out at the gym and take excellent care of myself. I have pets at home. I have an active social life. I am in a relationship. I volunteer my time with Hospice and the cancer center at the University of Kentucky hospital. I have just recently started a not-for-profit charity. I can get tired. But, you won't ever hear me mention that little fact again, so forget I said it. My point here is this life of mine takes a lot of juggling. A lot. Some days I do it well, everything just goes along smoothly.  On other days I fail epically! But even my sense of failure is a perception, and I am working to self-correct these thoughts when they pop up. And they do. And they will again. And again. It's not so much the need to block negative thoughts, as much as having the ability to negate them quickly when they do crop up in your mind.  This will be your saving grace. It would be easy for me to bemoan the fact that life for a single mom is a lot harder then life for a happily married couple, or for someone without children and pets and dozens of responsibilities. I don't have a bevy of helpers at my disposal. It would be easy for me to point my finger at my ex-husband and look at his life and how it's gone on without a hitch, and with a lot more ease than mine. You see, I am the custodial parent of our daughter, the one who provides a home for her, and this requires much creative thinking in order to succeed in pulling everything off with order and harmony. But I tell you this, if I even begin to think "poor me", even for a moment, everything starts to unravel....and fast! It's my choice to turn it all around, and I have learned to choose this route many times. When I am secure in the knowledge that I am only here in this life to help bless, to support, to love,...that's when I find the answers needed to resolve troubling situations.  And the answers just seem to appear!  It's when the negative energy is silenced that the positive energy is freed up, and it begins to flow. Magically. When I open my heart, when I say, "Thank You" for everything, even the challenges, I am signaling the Universe that I am ready to lay down the burdens, and find the answers. And they come.

In my line of work I see a large cross section of humanity come through the front door of my massage practice on a daily basis.  I have the honor of extending healing to them through my hands, and listening with a compassionate ear. I hear a lot of stories, and within the stories I get x-ray vision into their lives. I hear where they are holding negativity, the limiting beliefs, and the pain....pain that is showing up in their bodies. There is something about human beings wallowing in negativity. They want you to know about how bad things are. Our culture's obsession with the reality TV that caters to the basest part of human existence is proof positive there is an unhealthy focus on bad news, negative outcomes, and drama. Why is this? Sometimes I get the distinct impression from my clients, and even from close friends, that no one really listens to them. I mean, do you feel someone actually listens to you?  I struggle with this myself. Sometimes I think someone is listening, but I wonder, do they really hear me? Ever wonder about that yourself?  It's a gift and an art to listen with undivided attention when someone bears their heart to you. I feel humanity as a whole is so stressed and so rushed they just don't get the chance to do this for one another. Again, I have heard it all, every confession, every sad story, every ounce of pain within a human heart, but this is the truth: it's when these painful things, whatever they, are held onto like a badge of honor, we are affirming a sense of  lack and greatly limiting our way out of pain.  So many dear people actually like to own their aches and pains, as if holding onto the past is all they have.  There is a distinct feeling that misery is their companion. We all know people like this, and it's a sure guarantee nothing will ever change. Nothing.

I love each and every one of you out there. We are all one.  Limiting beliefs and all, it's easy to relate to the collective pain we all can carry.  I have my own less than positive beliefs from time to time, so I understand. But let's do something radical. Let's throw off the limits and and seek the resolutions, instead. I have a client who says to me, "There is pain in my back".  He doesn't say, "I am in pain". Subtle difference here. The body is in pain, not the man. It's not a part of who he really is, and he knows this!  He lives in the realm of possibility.  He opens himself to healing by rejecting the inevitability he is bound to a limiting existence. He inspires me each time he comes to me for massage work. Yes, there are struggles we all have, but they are not who we really are. This is very good news! What a relief to know we are not our negativity! We are not our own sad story. We are so much more. But to turn it around and see the positive results requires you to actively change your mind. And here's the thing...

I have yet to encounter a troubling situation that didn't hold an answer in it's hands. So be fluid, take it in stride, don't panic, stay open to resolutions (they may not look like you thought they would!), and you will begin to see situations work out. If you are in physical pain, it can be greatly reduced by detaching from the very belief that you are in pain. If this sounds trite or simplistic, again know that I couldn't write about it if I hadn't experienced this for myself. My body can hurt, there may be troubles in my life now and then, but I don't hurt. I don't have troubles. "I" is used here as that innate part of ourselves that is free and unencumbered.  Let life ebb and flow. Detach from outcome.  Know who you are. I hold a vision of my clients as free and glorious beings. This is a natural mindset for me to embrace.  It took some practice, but it comes easily now.  Maybe try holding the same thought for yourself today, and see what happens.  Nothing can hold you back, down, or sideways.  Nothing. Unless you let it. Refuse to let it.  And your peace will begin to flow like a river.

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