Coming Back To Center

We all do it. We spin off in our own directions and try our best to keep pace with what's happening around us, then all of a sudden you feel that "off" feeling, the one that says you need to slow down and come back to your starting point again. My starting point is while I'm still in bed, it's still dark, the birds have just begun to chirp, it's before I have to get up so I stretch and feel glad to have a body that carries me beautifully through my days. I silently ask how I may serve this day, I ask to be led to where I need to be, presented with the people that I need to see, and I ask for peace of mind and a calm demeanor to sit upon my brow. Most days I see this unfold before me, some days I don't. I hit the door running the other morning, and I didn't stop until late that night. I honestly didn't sit down, other then driving, for the entire day. It was less then a stellar day for a few reasons.....I didn't take the time to center myself and align my day with the governing force that is always available to me, and, I was trying to get someone to do something I needed them to do (ex issues here....and a totally futile waste of time) when what I really needed to do was ask for the ability to go with the flow, give up the outcome, seek the creative answer instead of the one I thought should happen. Thou shalt not should on thyself. Will I ever learn?

I've written a lot lately about "Stillpoints" and "Higher Vibrations" (I have to laugh, a Facebook friend asked me the other day...."Higher Vibration? What the hell does THAT mean?), but it all comes down to my needing to keep a firm grasp on the calm center of my same friend will undoubtedly ask me what this means as well! (I love you darlin'....ask away!) When I give my day over to the Greater Good, meaning I give up my preconceived ideas for whatever it is I'm meant to be experiencing, my day then just seems to flow. Synchonicity begins to happen everywhere, but only when I get myself out of my own way. We are good at being our own stumbling blocks, and I can say this authority, and not just for myself, but for many others who tell me how their day just falls apart when they begin to manipulate it according to their own agenda. I have a daytimer, I write in it all the time, I'd be lost without it, but I don't let it control my life. I take premeditated action daily, I have appointments to keep, appointments to make, I have places to be at a certain time....this is all fine, but the sense of self importance that can attach itself to these things is what I am trying to quiet. It's easy when life is going good to think we somehow control it. We don't, babe. We ride the wave, sometimes gracefully, sometimes clumsily, but the idea is to flow with the currents, skim the problems, try to take ourselves lightly, and stay open to the ebb and flow that is our daily life.

What is it that centers you? Do you have rituals you follow? A practice of some sort? How do you rebound when you hit that wall that forces you to slow down? Do you hit the floor running or do you glide through your day? I think I look much better when I glide, when I have a certain air about me that is graceful, when I can say, "Oh well" when something doesn't quite work like I thought it would. This allows me to stay centered which makes for a much more productive and enjoyable day. Funny thing, when something doesn't work out like I thought it would, and for me this can mean cancellations with clients, a sick child, someone not keeping their end of a bargain, I can always expect a better outcome when I give that moment over to the Greater Good. Instead of feeling frustrated, I just practice saying, "Lets see where this leads". When you stay open to the flow, good things can get in and take over. This has happened too many times for me to not believe that within a single day there are miracles to witness and better outcomes to savor then anything we can imagine. Try it next time something goes "wrong". Give it up and over, then watch what happens. At least you will stay calm, and this will affect your face, your attitude, your walk and talk....and you will shine. People will want to know what your beauty secret is, what vitamins do you take, what is it that you know that makes you stay on top of it all. Seriously, staying centered is a magical ingredient to one's life....and it's free....and it doesn't take a lot of time....and you will glow with an air of confidence and peace.

Come back to your's here waiting for you.

Until next time....blessings upon your heart



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