Changing Paths

You know when you're ready for a change. You feel unsettled, bothered by the slightest things, totally uninspired. Being uninspired is probably, in my book, the most soul deadening thing ever. To be uninspired by your life, or your work, is to slowly disappear. But thank goodness for "divine discontent". Yes, thank goodness for all those feelings of unrest, all those days you feel like you're going crazy, the days you bite someone's head off, the times you feel trapped. They are your compass, forever pointing you towards yourself, your home-base, your purpose. Finding ourselves in a dead-end anything is one of the most frustrating things we will experience in our lives. Nothing like feeling trapped, caged, held down, or held back. Nothing like feeling unappreciated, used, or used-up. We tie our sense of worth to so many outward things. And how can we not? It's how we live in the world. And in this world there will be people that will make you feel less then your brilliant self. There are jobs and relationships, children and spouses, bosses, parents, your church, your neighbors, your insidious inside voice, that will constantly remind you how unimportant you are. "Play small, think small, don't shine". Jeez.....

People and situations can be rough, but we're vicious on ourselves. So let's stop right now, let's stop with the put-downs and the negativity. Let's stop seeing this unrest as something to be avoided. Let's embrace it with out whole heart and dance with it. It's your compass. I can't stress that enough. We are so loved in this life, we are so magnificent that when we settle for anything less, over time, we will be nudged...sometimes violently shoved.... into the next phase of our lives. Or, you can forever be 9-5ing your days away, wanting something more. "Divine Discontent", how I love those two words! It is Divine to want something more. It is Divine to want to be all you can be, and it is Divine Discontent that will lead you there. Let it.

Take out a nice big pad of paper and pen. What do you love? What are you good at? And don't censor yourself. Nothing is too small, nothing is too trivial. Write out your heart's desire. This is just for you to see. Write it out. Imagine money being no object or stumbling block to where you want to be. Give yourself permission to design your life just the way you want it. If you can imagine it, you can make it happen. I promise you this, if you embrace the feelings associated with unease, boredom, or "I just don't give a flip anymore", you will be able to turn that into a positive flow in your life. It's a good thing you feel this way! You're desire for change is a first step, just keep moving through the feelings, don't stay stagnant with them, don't just sit there accepting the fact you are frustrated, move through them. We do need to take the first step, it doesn't magically happen. Knock on all the doors....and don't be surprised when an unexpected one opens! There is so much more then what we grasp at the moment. There is a bigger picture, a better way to be, a better way to live, a better way to enjoy life. And if you're living the life of your dreams, then more power to you! To tap into that level of being is a joy and a birthright.

"Use my talents. Lead me to where I can do the most good. Help me see and overcome the stumbling blocks I place in front of myself everyday". This is my prayer each day. I urge you to tap into that deepest place within yourself (where all answers lie) and ask outwardly too, humbly, but ask, and dream, and write it all out. Then knock on all the doors....and listen.

Your life is calling.

Until next time....blessings upon you heart



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