This post is about love. Pure and simple.

You are loved. You are loved more then you know. I love you and I don't don't even know you, but something brings you here to read this blog. Kindred spirits, maybe? I don't know. But I love you. And that's that.

I absolutely believe with all my heart that each and every one of us is truly a gift to this planet. You were born to love, to receive love, give love, accept love, BE love. There are only two emotions....Love and Fear, that's all that really exists. Think about it, what is not love is simply a fear-based way of thinking. Fear covers every belief that is not loving, giving and gentle. Consider for instance how many times in a day we tear ourselves down. Other people can be mean, but we're ruthless in our own self-abuse. Even when we feel good about ourselves, and someone compliments us, what do we do? We make excuses, we apologize for something...."Oh, this old dress"? "Thank you, but I feel so fat today". You know what I mean. We downplay ourselves even when someone is paying us a sincere compliment. I know, I used to treat anyone who complimented me as not having the intelligence to know what they were talking about. It was a fear-based response. Fear of standing in my own glory and saying "yes" to the love being shown to me. I'm not quite sure where such a rationale came from, but for me personally, I simply didn't love myself enough. And here's the thing, dearies (and it's a universal truth), if we don't love ourselves, no one will ever be able to love us. They may try, but we will find a reason to downplay it, find fault with it, and ultimately destroy it. Are you doing this very thing now, this day, this moment? Are you belittling the attention given to you? Are you feeling unworthy? Well, been there...or I couldn't write about it.

Let's change that, shall we?

This is what I know: Love begins with you. Not such a big, surprising revelation, is it? We all know this. Love yourself first, but we don't. Let's begin to make a change here, let's begin to embrace all that we are, the light, the goodness, the joy....the darkness, the mystery, the stuff we don't understand about ourselves. Can you accept it and nurture it? Can you try to take a little piece of yourself, perhaps the wounded part, and just wrap your arms around it? Treat it like a hurt child. What would you do if you saw a child standing there, crying, scraped knee, no one else around? I don't care who you are, you would help that child, you would hold that vulnerable baby and soothe it. Can you begin to look at the parts of yourself you don't like and simply open your arms to them? This is self-love of the highest order. This is where your life long love affair with yourself can begin. And when you discover yourself, and love yourself, you will have found the love of your life. You have found the one true constant that has always been there waiting for you. You are your own beloved. *It's never been about anyone else* Then be prepared, because this is when the fun begins. Love will pour into your daily experiences like crazy. It's always been there, it's always been pouring forth more then has been accepted, but this time you will see it with new eyes. Trust me on this. Just watch.

Be blessed this day, be aware of how wonderful you are this very moment. And if you can't see it right now, at least trust it's there waiting for you. The beloved is holding Her hand out to you.

Until next time....blessings upon your heart



  1. Thanks, Cindy. Perfect advice for all the striving overachieving moms who never get there. I think I must be #1 on that list at least!! I LOVE your writing! Michelle

  2. Thank you, Michelle....

    You have already arrived! You are a great mom, that's easy to see.

  3. Your love can be felt, I like it, I like the explanation of loving ourselves. I believe we will blossom with self discovery and self love. We will then have flowers of love gifts for others.

    "I am my own beloved...."

    Thank you for sharing your love, thank you for revealing our love.

  4. Very kind words, Wild Magnolia. Thank you....from my heart to yours!


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