Exquisite Moments

Summer fills me with a rapture that can stop me in my tracks. The hustle of life can take one away from noticing all the beauty around us at any given moment. I find it amazing how attuned my eyes and ears become when I take the time to get still and listen. And really look. Here's what I see and hear right now this very moment from the comfort of my bedroom. White lace curtains, an open window that pulls my gaze beyond and into the lush green of my backyard. I mean, lush. Blessed rain, while we sometimes wish you wouldn't stay so long, you do create magic when it comes to the greening of our world. There is a huge pine tree and dozens and dozens of trees that line the creek that runs just beyond my yard. It's a dazzling view of utter simplicity. The dappled patterns created by the lace curtains adds to the soft, blurred effect of the canopy of trees that shelter this place I call home. I don't hear any traffic, not a single engine racing by to get anywhere. Just the morning sounds. Birds. Birds, what a blessing they are! If I go deep enough within and silence the chatter in my brain, I can hear a dozen different bird songs. They sing to the morning, to each other....and to me. Add to this scene the vivid and sudden appearance of bright red as a cardinal flits by, sometimes pausing in the pine tree long enough for me to send him love. I adore cardinals. Now I'm listening to the sound of crickets, still engaged in their night time symphony of love songs, not quite ready to give it up to the daylight. The morning is cool, yet I can tell the humidity will be building soon. I particularly love the droning sound of a summer day in the country, or in a quiet patch of the yard, when all you hear is the buzz of bees and the drone of insects adding their distinctive summer sound to the chorus of this day. The air is heavy with the sound of life, and my heart is full for being able to enjoy it. There is the slightest sound of trickling water now that I'm aware of, it's running through the creek that is invisible from my view, but there nonetheless. Shortly, I'd say in another month, I'll be aware of the evening sound of frogs singing in the creek. Especially after a good rain they revel in the stream, just happy to be frogs. My heightened sense hearing now comes back in through the window into my bedroom. My beagle is snoring softly in the chair. Two of my cats are at the foot of the bed, their soft kitty sounds, not quite a purr, but a soft contented sound they make adds to the peace. They're just happy to be cats.

I'm happy to be a human BE-ing. I am happy that I can hear and see with the eyes of a woman who for too long never took the time to let nature move through me. As it moves through me it takes with it all the stress and worry that could possibly distract me from this moment. Exquisite moments such as these are free, my friends. This life pours forth more then we accept. To know that somehow I am part of a bigger picture, that my breath, my thoughts, my daily demeanor, all work to contribute to the beauty, or the chaos, of this life brings me to an empowering realization: It's always a choice to move through this life lightly. Last year when I was caught up in uncertainty, anxiety and at times the sheer terror of what my life would become, I read this quote: "Go lightly, stay close, learn the flowers". In those deep nights of my longing, confusion, and fear, I would pray for an answer, a sign, something to tell me that I would be alright. Contained within that simple quote were all the words and comfort I needed. Go lightly through life. Stay close to that which you love and treasure. Take the time to learn the flowers, to hear and see all that is given to us.

May your day unfold gently. May you find your quiet center and return to it often when anything would threaten to overtake you. Find what makes your heart sing, breathe in the morning air...and begin your day from that sacred space.

Until next time....blessings upon your heart



  1. Coming here is coming into a place of wonder and quiet knowing and stillness, and I so enjoy visiting here. Thank you!

  2. Thank you, Cate. Have a wonder-filled week!

  3. "Go lightly" are wise words. I need to remember. --Lindsay


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