Laying Down The Burden

Lay your burdens down on the alter of your personal faith, whatever that may be. Just lay them down, gently. They were never yours to begin with, so offer them the space to go back where they came from. This life is full of burden, no one needs to drive that home with any of us. The burden other people try to inflict on us will try the hardiest soul. Then there's the burden of too much . Too much sorrow. Too much stress. Too much mental unrest. Too much stuff.

It's all too much. I know....

My life gets to be too much at times. Too much juggling and balancing and rushing about to get it all done. In the last two days I have felt within my body the urgent need to lay down the burden of this life, if only for a little while, and if I decide to pick it up again I know it will have lessened in it's demand. When it's all too much, just lay it down. Da Vinci said when you are stuck, when you have lost your inspiration, your will...walk away. Leave it for three days. Something magical about the number three....the holy trinity of restoration. Coming back with fresh eyes will make it all appear more logical. The dizzying madness of too much will have dissipated. If tempers have flared, three days gives everyone a chance to regain their composure. Yesterday, the world came a little too close for comfort. Demands, false expectations, unsavory people, fear, heartbreak. My back hurt me in a way I haven't experienced in years. I was emotional, fought back tears all day. My tear ducts were near to overflowing with too much. When the emotions get too big....the body weeps.

Last night as I sat with my beloved out on the deck, there was a storm brewing up. Far off lightening illuminating the distant clouds. The air heavy with promise. The night sounds were a symphony surrounding us in comfort. This kind of quiet Himself and I share is a beautiful thing, and something I crave. We are sustained by it often and no words need be spoken during these moments. As I sat there restoring a sense of peace to my heart and mind I became aware of all the beauty around me. The velvet night. The power of a storm. The tree frogs and myriad insects all joining together effortlessly in a song. His hand in mine. The aroma of his cigar wafting on the air....yes, this woman enjoys the whiff of a good cigar. Two kittens playing at our feet. The stars peeking in and out amongst the clouds. Country tranquility at it's finest. My body began to relax, my mind began to unwind, my heart began to beat gently. I watched the lightening in the clouds. It was awesome in the way the word was meant to be used. AWEsome. The thought that seeped into my mind was very clear, this very energy contained within those clouds was the very same energy that flows through all of life. And if I can sit and experience the absolute beauty and rhythm and harmony of the night, the storm, the perfect sense it all made.....then I can experience that same energy and rhythm and power in my life as well. It's all so much bigger then we are! Nature in Her loveliness, Her fierceness, Her flow. If there is a power that governs that, then there is a power that governs me. And within those moments I felt I was able to lay down the burdens of the day. I felt I could loosen the grip on all that I try to juggle....all the times I wish people were different (a futile exercise), all the meanness and ugliness of the was not my problem. I could lay it down. I could lay it, them, whatever it was....down. Whoever they are, whatever they did.....lay them down and walk away.

So this post is about faith, whatever that means to you...and it's all good. It's all perfect, really. Just surrender or offer up your burden at the alter of your own unique personal faith. Personally, I usually find my faith restored when I'm in nature, when I am at one with the energy flowing through the lightening, the energy that governs the night, the seasons, embryos, seeds, rivers, the tide. Perfect harmony. Once you tap into it, you will never leave it again for long. You may forget about for a while when you're stressing and striving and worrying, but lay that all down. Loosen your grip. Let it go.

When we can get ourselves out of the way, the swift and ever present love that binds all of life together will take over. At least, you will feel better in giving up the weight of the struggle. Then wait. Rest. Come back with fresh eyes and see how it all looks then. And always remember.....repeat as needed.

May the power of nature return you to your balanced self. May you feel your limbs lighten and your heart swell with gratitude, may you be filled with what you need....and none of what you don't. Lay it on down.

Until next time....blessings upon your heart



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