When We Cry

....angels attend us. I need to believe there is a Divine love that supports grief. Tears are the outward depth of our love, our anguish, our humanness. I know I could never get through this life without the knowledge that I'm being upheld by a source and power greater then myself. In my greatest pain I have felt the unseen. When I fight the flow of life, everything goes wrong. When I go with it, it leads me to greater things, opportunities, people, events.....completely unimaginable good comes into my existence. In the meantime, in the wee hours of the morning, in my silence and aloneness and doubt, I sometimes cry. Trusting a source to carry us through does not come without doubt. Trusting that life knows how to take care of us better then we do does not come without tears. Feel the fear (pain, sadness, anger), and do it anyway, and after you have cried all the sacred tears you have within you, you will have allowed a space to open up where you can now be on the receiving end of bliss.

Within my day in day out struggles I have a deep faith that despite all the outward toilsome annoyances, everything will work out. Whatever your highest sense of good is for you, there is a way to attain it. Flowing with life, even when it's tough, is the way to higher ground. You will be sustained. The tears and stress will reveal your tender heart, because under all the exterior stuff, we are good and kind and decent people. And your tears are sacred, never forget that.

I'll leave you with this...one of my favorite quotes:

"Maybe one day we'll grow weary of whining and celebrate the rain, the manna, the half-filled glass of water, the little gifts from heaven that make each day bearable. Instead of cloaking ourselves in the armor of pessimism, maybe we'll concede that we are who we are: capricious, fortunate, wonderful, delicate, alive. Forgiven" Mark Collins....

But if you need to cry.....cry. Let it wash you clean. Then gently move on.

Until next time....blessings upon your sweet heart



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