I lost my job last Monday. Or rather, I was "released" from my position as a massage therapist for no good reason other then sheer, undiluted greed and a pure lack of ethics. Just like that, I was told I was no longer needed. "Goodbye, get your things, you can go now, see ya...oh, and have a Merry Christmas"! Just like that, no lie. GOBSMACKED!

As a co-worker helped me get my things to my car, she expressed her mutual shock and dismay and disgust for these employers, (employers that had made her a shell of the woman she used to be), then she hugged me, and I drove away. I was shaking slightly. I wanted to cry, I thought I should cry, I attempted earnestly to cry....but I couldn't! I must be in total shock, I thought, it hasn't sunk in yet. But what came over me was a sense of relief. My shoulders began to relax, they were back down where they belonged, about six inches below my ears. I put on Christmas carols, and I drove back home with a lighter heart and felt hopeful! Wow!

You see, I had just been relieved from a very toxic situation. A job that no longer served, not only me, but many of the patients that had come to us to be helped, treated, and served fairly. There was the initial "honeymoon" phase of the job, and for awhile everything was great! Then the insidious work of compromise started in and I fell prey. I looked the other way at my employer's practices that were wrong, tactics that were unethical, and I had to bolster myself each and everyday as I went to work just to buffer the negativity that was swirling around me and infecting everyone else who worked for them. I knew I was working for the wrong kind of people, the wrong kind of atmosphere and mentality, and it was keeping each and every one of us down. We were being micromanaged by people that had no clue how to manage at all, and we were angry and belittled all the time. I stayed because I thought I needed this job, monetarily I did, but I knew I needed out, and each and everyday there were signs and wonders that pointed me to the door. But I looked the other way, I clenched my teeth and I went about the business of compensating, justifying, and thinking I couldn't do better. I was a single mom after all, this was my make or break year after a very painful divorce. It was Christmas for goodness sake! I had bills to pay!

But the Universe had other plans for me. We learn through wisdom, or we learn through pain. And the choice is always ours. But by God, we learn!

Knowing my life is on a spiritual path, I somehow felt I would be alright. I knew I was being upheld by unseen forces. I knew I had been booted out of something that I didn't have the sense to rectify by exiting earlier. To say a mantel of peace came over me would be a little dramatic and overblown, but I did feel a sense of purpose was pulling me into another direction, and I felt okay with it. No panic overtook me that day, and for that I am forever grateful.

Okay now....walk the walk, talk the talk, now walk the walk. The net was there, all I had to do was leap! I got home and I called a contact I had made a couple of months earlier back in October. Yes, the discontent was present then, that's why I met with a lady that was looking for what I specialized in, and was wanting to offer me a position that I foolishly turned down. I left her a message that I had found myself suddenly free and was wondering if she was still was interested in me. Not two hours later I got the most enthusiastic call from the most lovely and loving voice on the other side of phone. "I have been thinking of you", she said. "I am thrilled you called"! "Can you come in and see me"? Yes, I told her, tomorrow, absolutely! Last Tuesday I got hired on the spot and in a beautiful and convenient location, and in a place that is far nicer that what I had known, and for more money per hour than I had hoped to make in the former position.

Now this all happened so suddenly my head was spinning! All I knew was I needed to walk forward into my life. I could have stayed home and eaten chocolate and cried and pittied myself last Monday, and who could have blamed me....but I kept moving. Who knows what unforeseen forces were at work last October? The seeds we plant, the people we meet, the things we are drawn to do....who knows what good may come of them? Please do not ignore the urgings of your heart and mind. I cannot emphasize this enough. And when they don't make sense to you at the time....this is a clue you are on the right path! Just do it! Knock on the doors that seem closed. Follow through with meetings, shake hands genuinely, send a thank you note or place a call to express thanks for someone taking the time to visit with you. You never know what good may come of it! This is your innate and intelligent self guiding you to a better place. As I look back over the last six months, I could see all the parallels to my former life where I sold out and stayed stuck in a marriage that no longer served me...or anyone else. I was following the same damn route, the compromising, the looking the other way, the loss of your self-esteem...none of this was lost on me now. Wow! I thought I knew better. I thought I knew how to recognize when to say, "Enough"! Humbled again beyond words, and with a fully aware heart and mind I said "thank you" out loud to the employers that so ruthlessly released me from a position that was hurting me. I reached for the brass ring this time, and I pulled it straight down into my hand and squealed with delight! I sort of felt there were champagne corks going off in heaven! A host of angels were saying....."She's a little slow, but when she gets it....she gets it"!

So the point I want to make is this....don't give in, and don't give up, and don't panic when things go south. While I admit the most inopportune time to lose a job would be in December, please keep moving in a forward direction if this has happened to you. *And if you do lose a job or if you have recently lost a job, I bid you peace upon your stricken heart, right now, at this moment* Reframe the loss to mean that you are simply placed on a new path now. There are unseen forces at work in our lives, and we can tap into this at any time, and with full assurance that our intentions will create just the right path for us. If the path seems to take a direction that you don't think fits your idea of where you want to go....still follow it! This is key. This is important, friends. Follow where you are led to follow and don't question, don't sabotage what just may be a whole new life, job, relationship, etc. just waiting for you! It's funny how this works, but it does!

My new job will take a little time to get built up to where I need to be financially, I will need to build a base and new clientele, and January and February might be a little lean.....but I am completely confident that I will be provided for. Right now I am looking around at how much I have, how blessed I am, and how loved I am by my family, my man, and by a benevolent Universe. And it's enough. It's abundance in it's best form! And I will be alright. And so will you!

Until next time....blessings upon your heart.



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