New Year's Intentions

I don't make resolutions. Never have. What I have to come to realize as a much more powerful route to realizing the manifestation of my desires is simple intention. It's a subtle shift in focus. To be resolute means to will something into submission, to resolve to make something happen, it entails a certain amount of force and/or willpower. Intention, on the other hand, is gentle, direct, and moves with lightening speed. To intend something is a simple act, and acting "as if" you already have what you desire is how you create the next moment of your life, and the next, and the next week, and the next month, and so on. "Thoughts become things", so only focus on what you you intend to have.

I intend to let go of what I think my life should look like....and I intend to stop should-ing all over myself, as well! I intend to be of service to others, I intend to support myself and my child on my own, I intend to become all I am capable of becoming irregardless of money, resources, people, or circumstances.

I intend to have a forever home, once and for all, and I intend it will be everything I want in a home. I intend to have only nurturing, supportive people in my life. I intend to facilitate healing in others and in myself, and I intend to move through my life with much more grace. I intend to touch the lives of people I meet, and on a deeper level then anything superficial and fleeting. And I intend to stand in my glory.

So what are your intentions? What are your deepest desires? Do you dare give them wings? Are you up to the challenge that lies ahead to finally say, "This year is my year"? Are you willing to look at things from a different viewpoint, a different perspective? Are you willing to give up your preconceived notions about how you think your life should look? Are you willing to become harder or softer this new year? Are you willing to yield up to a higher/inner power? Are you ready to jump? If not, peace be upon your struggling heart, for year after year I have stood petrified of the cliff that was before me, and whether I jumped, or was pushed, I landed on my feet. I can truly thank every experience in my life for bringing me to this moment, here, now, on this blog, in my life, right where I am....and contemplating another jump. All we ever have is now,so live it fully. There are no dress rehearsals for the stage we are thrust upon, so may you live every moment of your life this year, and with complete abandon!

And just how will you create your next moment? What is it you long for? What does your inner, all-knowing, beautiful self urge you to do? Write it down. Yield it up, with open hands and open heart, and say...."Yes" to your life! Finally.

And so it is.....Namaste

Until next time....blessings upon your heart....and may blessings crown your days



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