An Inner Christmas

I would love to draw your attention to a website for just a moment: This is a soft place to land during this busy holiday season. You will receive the gift of twelve days of quiet exploration into the heart of the matter....and into what really matters. Be sure to watch the "Inner Christmas" movie that tells you just what this is all about. It's only purpose is to bless and comfort you.

I don't know about you, but I prefer the days after Christmas. When many are feeling a "let-down" of sorts, I am just starting the best part of Christmas, in my humble opinion. It's time to go within and ask, ponder, consider, and dream. It's a quiet thing. It's a gift you give yourself. And you get to revel in it for twelve days and nights!

These are the gifts I give myself during this sacred time of year: If there is snow....a moonlit walk, or an early morning just standing in the pristine whiteness of newly fallen snow... and I listen, I listen deeply, I listen till I hear my own heartbeat, till I can hear the squirrels nibbling at the peanut butter covered pine cones hanging in the trees. I listen, and breathe, and worship the morning. My church is the canopy of trees in my yard. My sacred temple is the shroud of clouds and fog that accompany such still moments. If there is fog I have discovered I can see clearly right into my heart. It makes me feel safe from prying eyes, safe from views that distract, and safe to disappear for a while into the realm where I am enough, as I am, free from expectations, free from obligations, free from my own chatter to be up and out and doing something inane. If there is sun I let my body soak in the warmth and enjoy the late afternoon rays, although weaker, nonetheless precious to me and my cats as they stretch out and instinctively know to be "in the moment". No, this time of year, these sacred and reverent days that follow Christmas are the most dear to me. The personal epiphanies that occur are your own inner voice speaking to you like a tender lover. Getting quiet each morning and evening allows you to become your own healer, your own guide, your own best friend.

To strip down to the essential self, to get a glimpse of all you can be, and, of who you are right now, without judgment or fear, is the gift I seek the most, and one that I embrace each and every stark, cold, barren Winter season. The veil is thinner during these days, and the connection between earth and sky, sun and moon, is so close during this time that it feeds me on a level that not only enriches me, but benefits all who come into contact with me. For to come from a place of balance, a place of deep breathing and alignment with cosmic forces, allows me to be a better listener, a better supporter, a better friend, and very simply....a better woman all the way a round.

So, if you are inclined, explore this beautiful site and give yourself the one thing you may not receive under your tree this year.....the gift of becoming quiet long enough that you grasp the glorious being that is you.

Until next time.....blessings upon your heart.

*And may your holidays be wonderful, may you be touched in a way that nourishes you deeply and blesses you permanently*.



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