The direction I'd like to go now is this: Regrouping your sanity, rediscovering joy and rebuilding your life. Please know, I am in no way suggesting you shouldn't still be hurting, or seeking answers, or doing whatever it is you need to do for yourself. What I am suggesting is that you begin to focus on your precious heart, that soft place that has undergone a major and life changing event. Focus on where you want to see yourself in a year. Is it back with your spouse? If it's meant to be and it works out that way, then my hope for you is it will be a return to a new and better life. But more times then not, it means a new life on your own...and if there are children, then rejoice! You will not be alone. Your role may be altered to accommodate a new schedule, and there may be grief as you adjust to being without your children when they are with your ex, but your children are your children, and they will be a blessing to you....and you to them. Remember, they are watching you. Show them a mother/or father who is strong, centered and whole, and you will strike a blow against broken homes everywhere. Nothing is broken that can't be mended, and just as a bone breaks and mends itself together, so too, will you become a much stronger and supportive member of your family. And if you are feeling shattered right now, you can begin to gather the shards of your life little by little and decide to make a new creation...if and when you're ready. I've seen shattered heirloom dishes lovingly gathered and made into beautiful new mosaics. A new creation, honoring the old, yet becoming an entirely new thing of beauty. Divorce can do this for you, if you let it. From it's ruins a new life is born.

What do you love? What was it that once made your heart sing? Do you remember? Are there any simple joys you can find today? In this season that is rapidly changing into Winter, let us seek the comfort of simple joy, in our hearts, our homes...wherever they may be...and within our family. If you are a family of one, you are especially thought of this day. I know how that feels. Special thoughts are sent your way.

Gentleness is the way to wholeness....and joy is waiting to be your companion. Take Her hand.

Until tomorrow....blessings upon your heart



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