This I know....

You will not hurt forever. The pain will stop. Time is a gentleman, and what you need is tender loving time. Even though you may not feel like it, now is the time to nurture, nurture, nurture. Take every care, be gentle, eat something delicious....especially when you don't want to....especially when you think you can't possibly eat....please eat. Your world has been turned upside down, inside out, and you've had the ever lovin' crap stomped out of you. Your body hurts in ways you can't even explain. Every fiber of your being is screaming. I know...

My salvation came when I reached out to others. This was not easy for me. Not easy at all. Whatever your personal faith, now is the time to grab onto it like a lifesaver out in the middle of the ocean. Ask for the Grace to make it through the day. Hour by hour, moment by moment, if necessary. It definitely was necessary for me to ask for help on a daily and hourly basis....and I continue to ask.

What I would like to do here on this blog is to hold my lantern high for you. You are not lost. There are ways to restore your balance, your poise, your dignity....and I will share with you what I did to find these things again, to find my way back to wholeness. I will not preach, I will not advise, I will not assume that I know anything at all....except maybe, just maybe, I can offer an insight amidst my musings. My writing here is a way to continue on my own path to wholeness. I will share my Aha! moments, and if you take away a different perspective, a different way of looking at yourself, or the one that hurt you, then so be it. I will write what is on my heart day-to-day, and if something good jumps out at you, well with it what you will. Just know are beloved. You are known. And in the middle of the night when the pain is unbearable, you are known all the more, even if it's for every man, woman and child who has had to walk the path of divorce, you are known....and you are not alone. This pain will crack you wide open, but if and when you allow it, this will mean you can begin again, you can rewire the very inner mechanism that makes you tick. Be brave and look for the lessons. Stay open. Your soft underbelly is exposed, this very beautiful and tender part of you is now having a very bright light shine upon it. This path you're on, this painful time, it will serve you well if you use it as a way to grow into your true self.

I am holding my hand out to you....

Until tomorrow....blessings upon your heart



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