To be joy-full

You will be happy again. Joy does not abandon us, we abandon joy. We have neglected to learn that joy is a birthright. Joy is a gift from God that never leaves. It's indestructible, immune to all that humans can do to shut it out. And when you feel you have successfully banished all thoughts of happiness from your life, Joy, like a persistent suitor, will stand at your door, hand out, waiting, waiting for your attention. Let us return to Joy. Let us set aside, if only for today, the thoughts that tell us we need this or that to be happy. Set aside thoughts that say you need a man, or a woman in your life to make you complete.

You know, as much as I love the movie Jerry McGuire, that line at the end...."You complete me" always, always, makes me cringe. Do you want to be a half person? Do want to be that Siamese twin that can easily be jerked around by what the other half does, or doesn't do? Do you walk around looking for half of a person? Sounds silly, doesn't it? Kahlil Gibran wrote beautifully about marriage, and it would easily translate to any relationship, that we need to be independent and strong on our own. He likens it to a great stone structure that has pillars holding it up. The pillars are separate, standing on a solid foundation, apart, but holding up the same structure. Does that give you a visual about how two people can stand apart but for the common purpose of having a strong foundation/relationship? And standing apart is symbolic here, no head games allowed (please...have we not had enough of those before), but rather having that space to be, and do, and thrive in your own skin. There is nothing sexier my friends, then two strong people, happy on their own, and engaged in their own interests, that choose to come together! The sharing that goes on at the end of the day is beautiful... shared goals, yes, shared times together, yes....and shared interests are wonderful, but you need your own investment in the things that fulfill in you your deepest desires. What you don't want is two emotional invalids joined at the hip. No! See, I neglected my deepest desires for fourteen years and I became someone else, I became the servant of another person's life. I paid a heavy price, but I learned a great lesson and for that I will always be grateful. If you have a solid foundation with yourself, first and foremost, Joy will not need to be told to take a hike because we can't stand the thought of it. Joy is not controlled by someone else, and Joy will see you through.

May the fullness of Joy be your constant companion. May you be full and satisfied with who you are, may you reach out and take the hand of that tender lover waiting for you....and that would be you, my dear. It's a choice, a decision to be whole, right now, as you are. Joy full.....

Until next time....blessings upon your heart



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