In Praise Of Mothers Everywhere

I thank each and every mother out there who cares for a child....a home, a family, a pet, a garden, a kitchen, a bird with a broken wing, a friend in need, or her own dreams. Mothering is an innate gift and you don't necessarily need to have offspring to answer the call of mothering. Every time you tend to something, every time you open a window on a Spring day, fluff the bed pillows, put on fresh sheets, sweep your patio clean, brush a child's hair, put on a pot of coffee, or answer a phone call from someone needing a listening are mothering. Every time you cook, clean, pick-up after, check all the doors at night, leave a light are mothering. Every time you touch someone's hand, hold a door open, drive with care, give the right of way, speak softly, stand up for truth, or stare down anything that would are mothering all that is good and necessary in this life. Sadly, many times this goes largely unappreciated....but you do it anyway, bless your heart! You are the glue in our society. You are that which would cause life as we know it to fall apart if you were not here. You are doing the toughest job there is. You are juggling, mastering, managing, conducting, orchestrating....all at the same time. You are tired. You get up anyway, seven days a week, rain or shine, sick or well, and you do it all over again. Do you know how important you are? Do you know there are angels and guardians, sages and ascended masters all waiting for your beck and call, for just a simple utterance from you that will send rushing to your side all the inspiration and help you need? Truly though, there are very few times we can actually call on other people and receive the physical help we may need day-to-day, so I take great comfort in the fact that I can summon strength from the unseen. This teeming Universe with all it's mystery knows about mothers! Ask, please, and you shall receive just what you need to finish the task at hand.

May you feel your magnificence today....and everyday. May you feel the warmth of sun, the gentleness of rain, the softness of air. May you take a moment to honor yourself, and those mothers that came before us, for no matter how imperfect they may have been, no matter what the nature of your relationship was....they got you here. Now. In this place of honor.

Take a deep breath, my dears. You are loved, known, considered sacred and worthy. You are beautiful by nature, radiant in your birthright, mighty in your presence, you are deemed the high honor of the title: "Herself"

In gratitude for the Wild Mother innate in us all. The One who knows. The One who understands. The One who loves us more then we can know. Thank you seems hardly enough.

Until next time....blessings upon your heart



  1. Blessings on your heart too. I too cultivate a deep gratitude to the Old Wild Mother, both within and without. Earth and sky and wondering seeker, all are one.

  2. What a lovely comment from a kindred spirit.....thank you.


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