Meeting Fear Head-on

This is a big one for many of us. We all fear something, that creeping, insidious feeling that something is wrong, something is going to be wrong , or my favorite......everything is wonderful and I expect the bottom to drop out at anytime for no apparent reason. But where does this come from, this nagging voice that says,"Beware"?

I'm a firm believer in intuition. Absolutely without a doubt there is a voice....coming from your center, your gut, your place of "knowing", that careful, or, this is the right thing to do, or, run! The trick is to know when it's your higher self speaking to you, and when it's fear disguised as truth. This has taken me years to decipher. Years. What I've learned through trial and error is that the "intuition" will feel right. You know when something feels right. You just do. Even if the intuition legitimately says to "watch out", it will feel peaceful. Because what comes with intuition is the assurance that there is an answer, a way out, or a way through.

For me, I have struggled with the false belief that I was just not good enough. That if untoward things were going to happen, they would happen to me. Definitely I can trace these false beliefs to my childhood. My mother's mantra was...."Be careful"! Don't fall. Don't run. Life is scary. Life is hard. "Go directly to jail....Do not pass Go, Do not collect two hundred dollars" The "jail" became a mental state for me, a mindset that took years to shake. I still shake it loose from time to time. This was her stuff, (bless her heart) not mine. But when you are a child you believe everything your parents tell you. We don't have the wisdom to know that what they bestowed on us was simply their own beliefs formed by their parents, their environment....and their own fear. I certainly am not suggesting to put the blame on our upbringing, because many people have had things occur in their life that had nothing to do with their childhood, events and tragedies that have beset the hardiest among us. But still, our response to such events is a learned thing, a knee-jerk response, a limited perception of the bigger picture. Well, time to step out and step up from the places that frighten us....

Step into your strength. Step into your capability. You can accomplish anything you want to. You can overcome anything this life throws at you. You can decide to catch it, or you can let fall by the wayside. Your choice, but feel the fear first. Let it come. Remember, "what we resist, persists", so there is no point in saying you are not afraid, but facing a fear, meeting it head-on, befriending it, will help you disarm it.

What is your deepest fear? What grasps you by the throat in the middle of the night, or suddenly during the day? The Universe cares for us so much that I have come to believe these moments are a gift. The bright light that shines on these uncomfortable feelings is a nudging, a gentle push, an urging to get past the fear, because we can. I've been on that cliff looking over the edge, trembling, saying, "Oh God, oh God, oh God", right before jumping off. I've uttered these words at the top of a roller coaster, screaming while I plummetted, no control, free falling, only to feel exhilarated when the ride ended...and wanting to do it all over again. That's the's invigorating to dive headlong into the places that scare us. When you get through one fear, when you spring the trap that holds you back, you get excited, you get encouraged by your own strength, and you become confident. It's your birthright.

Name your fear. Dare to speak it aloud. Face it. Work with's your friend.

Until next time......blessings upon your heart



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