New Year's Intentions

I don't make New Year's resolutions. What for? They're never kept. We mean well though, we want to start again, we stare down at the three hundred and sixty five days spread out before us, and we're either optimistic about the new year, or we're scared. I was scared. Always. The unknown caused my heart to skip a beat, it made me want to pull the covers over my head on New Year's day and fervently pray that I would be spared the trials and tribulations that seemed to find me. There was a large X cut into my front lawn, had to be. Trouble was beating a path to my doorway.....or so it seemed.

I set myself up perfectly, you see. The very thing I ran from, found me. Every time. "Surrender Dorothy"! I had the nagging thought that I just needed to give up the fight. And I can truly say that over this last year I finally surrendered, and what a relief! What an absolute relief. The best diet in the world is to rid yourself of baggage, all the old fears, old worries, old ways of thinking, being, doing. Be gone!

Okay, easier said then done, but I am woman who knows this very well. It's not easy, this relinquishing of your old self. Every New Year's eve I would vow to begin again. Take better care of myself, sleep more, worry less, start a new life. Ah, that was the kicker, begin again. Scary. My old life had gotten too small for this woman. I had shrunk so small that I could barely hear my own voice screaming to be free. Well, all it it took was my husband to walk out on me the day after Valentines Day....bless his heart! And I mean that without the slightest bit of sarcasm. Bless him for causing the very thing I knew was inevitable, to finally happen! When we're not doing for ourselves what needs to be done, something will happen to get your attention. It's the Universe shining that very bright and loving light on your life. It says look at this.....look at this.....LOOK AT THIS, DAMN IT! Okay, I got it. Once hit up side the head, I got it. Thank you very much.

Feeling like you need to kick start your life this new year? Save the new gym membership fee, put off the appointment with a plastic surgeon, quit with the big, grandiose vows to do better this time around. Just quietly affirm that you intend to be well. Repeat after me...."I intend to have a better life then I've experienced". "I intend to take good are of myself", (this involves loving yourself babe, so that leads to.....), "I intend to LOVE myself, first". "I intend to let the garbage of my life go". And please don't recycle it into some new creature, just cut it loose! "I intend to start each day with gratitude in my heart for each and every thing that has come my way", got me here. And this is where you start, my friends. Start where you are. Here. Now. Move forward with the intention to have all that your heart desires. And then act like it's already here!

Make this your best year ever. You have it within your power to create a very real and lasting change in your life. You have it within your power to begin again. I am with you in this, I am still in the process of creating all that my own heart desires. It's a fun ride when you start seeing good things pour into your life. Free up the old, stagnant energy, and usher in the new....then just watch what happens!

So, here's to New Year's Intentions!

Until next time....blessings......many, many blessings upon your precious heart! See you in the new year.....



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