The Power Of Intention

I intend to have a great life, how about you? If truth be known, I am having a great life....but it was hard won. It took bravery and resolve to not let the events of the last fourteen years sour me to the point of no return. I also intend to have abundance and "enough" to accommodate my admittedly simple lifestyle...the way I like it, but I intend to live it to the max. I intend to live with creativity, spontaneity, joy, fabulousness, beauty and grace, which I happen to believe are a given for every human being alive at this moment. They are highly achievable and your Divine birthright, in my humble opinion. We have no time for regret, angst, post-traumatic stress or bitterness. This work of letting go, while so worth it, isn't always pretty though, it can be downright exhausting and circular....we let go of this, we acquire that, we let go again, we let God in, then we doubt and recoil and hoard all our negativity around us like a blanket....because it's all so familiar. The art of Intention becomes easy when we cut loose the ties that bind us to our old way of thinking and being. There is great joy in waving goodbye to the past. Great joy. The past got you to where you are today, so honor it, hold dear those things that nurtured you, but let the rest go.

The business of Intention is simple. I am a firm believer that the thoughts we think today are the basis for what we experience tomorrow and beyond. I remember my mom used to tell me to "tend your garden", and by that she meant to watch my thoughts, to weed out the weeds, so to speak. Sometimes it takes vigilance to keep negativity at bay. AA talks about a "fake it till you make it" attitude, and while there is value in that, I would rather "live as if" I have all that I desire now. This doesn't mean to live beyond your means, but instead to make room in your heart and mind for all that's coming into your life. And it is coming my friend, so be expectant. Give the Universe an inch and it will take you all the way. Invite this type of expectancy into your life, if only for a moment consider that we are vastly more then we know ourselves to be, we are known, loved, and cared for. We have all that we need right here, right now. Look around is pouring forth more then we already accept. To ask or plead for something reinforces the belief that we are lacking, and to believe that you are lacking then creates the very scenario that will prove you're right. The Universe is accommodating in this regard. It gives us what we focus on. Trust me on this. I make it a habit to express gratitude for what is coming my way, before it's here, before I can see it. I simply trust it will show up just when I need it. And you know what? It usually does. If I ask for something, I ask for the obstacles I may have created to be made plain to me, so I can choose differently. I also ask for help in getting out of my own way. We trip ourselves up daily.....just sayin', so make clear the path for good things to come.

One of my favorite movies is "Under The Tuscan Sun". It brings home the point that you need to live as if you already have your heart's desire. If you want a new home, love the one you're in, make it your castle, tell it how grateful you are it provides you with refuge and shelter. Want new friends in your life? Then be a friend, but be a friend to yourself first. Love? Simply love yourself with a kindness and an acceptance of everything you are. Daily we are given opportunities to love one another. You don't even have to let anyone know you are loving them. A silent blessing bestowed on those around you, no matter who they are, will bounce back to you. Need more money? Give freely of your time and resources, no matter how meager, no matter how small, we can offer up something to someone, somewhere. It's not simplistic to live this way, it's not foolish or Pollyanna-ish. It's profound. It's why we are give and to serve and to live with joy. And please know, I'm not perfect in accomplishing all these things on a daily basis, but I do know that when I do my best, when I give up my worries, when I give up my need to know what's around the life just flows.

I wish you peace like a river, unobstructed, swiftly flowing, moving you ever forward towards all that you desire. It's coming, are you ready to accept it?

Until next time....peace upon your heart.



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