A Season of Anticipation

How has this holiday season been for you so far? Blue? Anxious? Tumultuous? Been there. Now, take a breath and quiet your heart, if only for a moment. All shall be well. I have used that quote from Julian of Norwich for many years. I can't count how many times I've uttered those words in the dark of night, and especially when I didn't believe it. I've held onto those words as if my very life depended on it. Whatever your circumstances are right now, I wish you solace and a refuge from your personal storm. Let me say this to you....it will pass. Things change, things get better, people can have a change of heart, even the most ugly among us can turn around. I can't begin to know the personal stories out there happening right this minute. Tales of woe, heartbreaking sadness and despair. But I have a good idea, we can all imagine, we all have hearts, and we're the same at the core. I know you hurt.

If you are not religious and this very Christian holiday upon us has no meaning for you, then look at the lengthening days now spread out before us. The shortest day followed by the longest night has come and gone. Your days are going to lengthen and the light is going to return. Winter is my favorite time of year. I love the bleakness of it, I love the stark trees, and the cold. The lessons of this season are not lost on me. I look for meaning in everything, and bleakness, with all it's gloom, will yield to warmth, and light, and newness of life. You can count of this. May you feel this truth somewhere inside you. May the Winter of your discontent lead you to a new life. Wrap around you the very things that comfort you, as much as you are able. Begin to anticipate that things will change. Begin to entertain the thought that within you lies the seeds of a new life. Nurture them, tend them, and wait. For now, just keep them warm and safe within your heart....in that very tender heart of yours.

If this holiday season holds no joy for you, then I want you to know, whoever you are, that I will hold you close when I pray. If I could wrap a blanket of comfort around you, I would. If I could bring you a cup of tea and hold your hand, I would. I would also look you straight in the eye and tell you that all shall be well and this too, shall pass. And it will, my dear. In the same measure that you want positive change in your life, the Universe will respond to you.

A contented Christmas is wished for all. A season of hope and quiet joy is my special meditation for you. Dearest heart, in the midst of your pain lies the capacity for immense joy. Pain can hollow you out as sure as a woodworker's knife carves out hardened wood to make something beautiful. It's making you ready for something incredible. Be a receptacle. Stay open, ask, anticipate an answer, for it will come....and you will be filled.

Until next time.....blessings upon your heart



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