A Higher Vibration

You can tap into it anytime. When you're down, tired, used up, sick, overwhelmed or even experiencing great joy, you can align yourself instantly with a frequency that moves at the speed of light.....and through your life, if you let it. There is a higher energy level that is always moving, always available, always present to us, and as a Reiki master I have felt it, used it as a means to facilitate healing, and allowed it to enter and transform my life. Some think of this energy as God, and I do too, but I also like to think of God as pure radiance, pure light, pure love, a pure vibrational frequency that runs through every living thing. Every blade of grass has an angel standing over it saying, "Grow"! And it does. Whatever you believe this life force to be, whatever name you call it, call upon it now to move into your life, then hold on, cause that's when the fun starts!

I have noticed that when I'm motivated by love, when I'm aligned with a frequency that moves effortlessly through me, some people will question my actions. Living your life with openness and embracing all who cross your path tends to alarm others. I never cease to be amazed at this. In thinking it through I've come to realize that perhaps it's a matter of control. It can be frightening to feel you are not in control of your life, or master/mistress of your destiny, and when we experience a free-spirt we tend to be suspicious. This I know....when I don't try to control things, they just flow, whatever it is, my life will just flow when I move at a higher vibration. This higher vibration thinks outside the confines of "the norm", it's kind of outrageous, and daring, and bold, and it can frighten people. "What's she up to"? Yeah, heard that one before! Well, keep 'em guessing, I say. Let your life bear the fruit of your motives....that's how people will know you, and if they still don't like it....do it anyway. If people speak ill of your good works, do them anyway. If there are those who would try and keep you down, spread your wings and fly anyway. Sometimes its not for the weak-willed, sometimes it can be a lonely row to hoe, but allowing a force greater then ourselves to govern our life will reap many blessings, and you will eventually attract like-minded companions.

As a vibration undulates and moves, as it sends it's waves of motion over the surface of whatever is liquid enough to absorb it and move with it, it's far reaching rings will reach out and wash over everything in it's path. This is not some kind of grandiose thinking, or just pretty talk, it's how we can bless others with our actions. Remain fluid, let your best ideas flow, let your life vibrate at a higher pace, not because anyone is trying to be better then anyone else, but because we are all the same at the core. Because we are meant to shine, we are meant to bless, we are meant to live our best life....and at a level that is just spectacular!

And it all begins with a little vibration, a ripple, a thought, a good deed....let it grow from there.

Until next time....blessings upon your heart



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