Thinking Outside The Box

Maybe should have titled this "A Year of Living Dangerously"......

This has been the story of my life, to think outside the box. It's considered dangerous because it's not mainstream, and if you do this people will think you are dangerous, but we can laugh knowing it's a good kind of dangerous! This type of thinking is so ingrained in me now that I can't imagine taking the straight and narrow (read that boring) way to do anything. The fun part is when you think you've expanded in all directions, that you've been unique in your approach, or downright outrageous (my personal favorite), you find you can go a little farther. Your imagination is an inexhaustible well of ideas. Priming the pump is what's key here. I hit walls all the time....I mean, all the time. When this happens I take it as a clue I need to access the deepest part of myself once again, readdress the situation, then pursue a new path. I pursue new paths often, I have to or I would knock myself out cold against that damn wall.

This last year I stopped licking my wounds, I stopped beating myself up with bricks, and I learned to scale the heights. Even though I still get scrapped knees, I'm clearing the walls with much more grace now. Just like going to the gym and lifting weights to get strong, scaling walls doesn't happen all in one leap at first. Prime your muscles, do your mental work...I call it my "light work"....ask for the switch to be flipped on that starts the current of electricity flowing into your life.....then leap. There is absolutely nothing you can't accomplish in your life. There is absolutely nothing you can't accomplish....I love writing that twice. The net will appear, and when it does you will bounce back if you fall, or you will be catapulted up and over whatever it is that's hindering you. Nets are springy like that.

This I know for sure: if you were to sit down and write out three, just three, ways of starting your life over (and think really out-of-the-norm kind of things here....just for giggles), you would simply be staring at a piece of paper when you were done, but act on one of those things, no matter the outcome, no matter if someone tells you "no", no matter if you're shaking in your boots, and it will lead you to another thought and another person, and another box busting idea. It's like giving the Universe the go ahead to assist you. You are actively saying I am ready. Ask and you shall's so true! Don't shoot down a single solitary thought you get. This is your deepest self, the part of you the knows what to do, guiding you to think outside of the confines of your life. How many times in one day do we get an idea, something we want to act on, and we don't do it! How many? Have you ever paid attention to the times within a day we don't extend ourselves to someone, or speak up, or simply brush away a thought as "stupid"? We ask for help and then we shoot it in the foot when it's trying to say, "Here I am, use me, I am the best part of yourself...I'm here to serve you". You never know where the inner leadings will lead you. Oh, and give up the personal time table about when something should happen, that's a big hinderance. I couldn't write these things if I hadn't lived them. I don't know much but what I do know I've seen played out in my life time and time again. I can look back now and see all the missed opportunities that I let go by, all the times I didn't heed my ideas....some were screaming at me....and I just stayed stuck. But even so, there were lessons to be learned during the "stuck" times of my life, and it's all been duly noted.

Heres a thought.....the more outrageous the idea you have, the more imperative it is that you do it! If it's really big, take it in small steps. Act on one thing, one thing, and the Universe will see it. That's all it really needs, just a nod, just give it the high sign you're ready.....but take action. All the wishing in the world won't get you anywhere. Visualize it, yes....but then act on the new ideas that will come into your life. Are you ready? Good, now go be outrageous!

Until next time...blessings upon your heart


PS.....puts a whole new spin on the "Year Of Living Dangerously" thing, huh?


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