I don't know about you, but my day can get so busy that it could easily spiral out of control. Being a single mom, a massage therapist and a jewelry business entrepreneur can make for some interesting days. I asked the Universe to use me, to show me where I'm needed, to use my talents....and boy, has it ever responded! Ask and you shall diamonds. It's a balancing act these days to be there for my child, for my home, my pets, chores, clients, associates, friends....then add in a fair amount of networking, phone calls, follow-ups, and well, it makes for a full day. There comes a time within these days to take a moment, or several if it's at all possible, and just become still. It's very underrated these days to just let yourself feel your breath moving in and out of your lungs. We hear about centering ourselves, just breathing, just allowing yourself to be.....but do we really do it? When I don't, I pay a big price. I lose things, I drop things, things get broken, I can't find my keys, I get all scattered, you know what I mean. Just stop. Stop. Breathe. Stillpoints are a gift to ourselves, the little moments where you honor yourself within the day. Nothing, and I repeat, nothing is worth getting all bent out of shape and frazzled to the point where you start to come undone. Sometimes a stillpoint in your day will lead to you actually stopping for a longer period of time, and this is highly recommended.....stopping long enough to recover. The risk you run in not stopping for a while is one day you may have to come to a grinding halt. That's when you have to slam on the breaks and skid into a mandatory "cease and desist". I'd rather take the moments within my day to center myself and gain perspective then to be forced into a breakdown.

These are the places I find for a stillpoint moment: while waiting at a red light, eyes closed, and the nice thing about this is the lovely person behind me is very good at giving me a toot of their horn to let me know to move on. Waiting to pick up my child from school is another biggie. I totally have to center myself and transition so I can be available in every way to my daughter when she bounds into the car. Another favorite is standing in line, any line, the grocery store line is full of stillpoint moments. I've let people go in front of me just so I can be still a little longer. When the sun hits my face, I stop. When the wind blows, I stop and breathe deep. When the rain falls I inhale deeply and turn my face upward. When everyone around me starts losing their cool, I close my eyes and silently bless each one. They've just momentarily lost touch with themselves. It's amazing to me how just one moment of blessing another person has the power to make me feel calm. Sometimes, and this is cool when it happens, the other people around you feel your vibe, and they automatically feel better too. The whole atmosphere changes, the tension melts, and it's because some good calm energy has been put out there. Let it come through you and out into your surroundings. Be a conduit for calm. I'm not perfect at this, far from it, but when I'm conscious enough to do it the benefits are huge, and far reaching.

Stillpoints are empowering, bottom line. They allow you to stand in your magnificence, and when you begin to feel that, you will just naturally be a blessing to those around you. It just takes one moment to turn things around. Thats all. Now just breathe in and out. Relax those shoulders, loosen your jaw, feel the tension leave your scalp. Feels good, doesn't it?

Now, gently move on with your day.....

Until next time...blessings upon your heart



  1. I really like this post. Will remember it when I am in line. -- Lindsay


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