People Who Annoy You

Nothing can pull me off center quicker then flat out meanness. Throw in a little self-centered, narcissistic behavior and I can get pretty bent out of shape....for a minute or two. My rebound time has definitely lessened over the last year, probably due to the fact that I am a much more centered woman now....but still a human being who is far from perfect. If you cut me, I will bleed. Words can cut deeper then a knife, this I know. The beginning of this week has served as a reminder for me that amidst great joy and happiness, and all the warm fuzzies a person can hold, there are those who like to mess with you. Separate realities can be totally irritating! Okay, this has to do with my former spouse. I am keenly aware, once again, of the fact that as a single mom I have to do a greater balancing act, and walk a tighter, higher rope sometimes in order to just function as a productive, contributing citizen in society. Divorces can, and do, create an imbalance of so-called power. Freedom is definitely lacking at times, and don't get me started on the monetary and income level differences. I needed to take a deep breath today, then I stated out loud for the Universe to hear, that I must be up to this challenge, and I am ready to reap the rewards for being, (yet again), a clever, sharper, and more loving woman then the person who wishes to jerk me around. It was a prayer of sorts, or rather a way for me to keep from throwing my cell phone against the wall!

Fast forward an hour and I'm back in the loving place. Not la la land, no, but in a place where I can think clearly and creatively. If I were still mad I might be missing that still, small voice of Truth that's wanting to guide me. And that's my point. So if you have to vent, do it quickly, then move on. Clear the pathways for guidance, and yes, forgiveness for the imperfect people that cross our paths....again, and again, and again. What was called for today was a "stillpoint", a stopover where I could just breathe and calm myself. It works. I promise. So while I may not have a clear answer this moment as to how I will remedy a certain situation, I do know that an answer will come. We are not given more then we can handle, and I believe this. My desire to give to my community, to be productive, and to provide for myself and my child will not be diminished. The ways and the means are supported by a benevolent source that will provide the way to function beautifully, and without hinderance.

Did you get aggravated today by someone who likes to pull your chain? By someone who is unhappy and scattered and duplicitous? Join the club, but let's not sit and gripe (too much) about our plight, but rather let's take it as an opportunity to put to silence that insidious voice that points and says, "If only they would (insert your choice of circumstances here), my life would be easier". The trick in this life is not allowing what anyone says or does to rob you of your peace and purpose. The lesson will keep repeating itself, and in many different guises, until we learn the lesson....or rather accept the gift it's holding out to us. And that, my friends, is worth more then all the money and status in the world. You will shine unfettered by what anyone else does, or says, or thinks. That is freedom of the highest order, and it's attainable. I can taste it....

Until next time....blessings upon your heart



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